Plastics are non-biodegradable, so it practically fills up the landfills. The pressure on the environment is created by the heavy dependence of businesses in plastics for their manufacturing. It is seldom to see a product that is not made or packaged in plastics.

Now that people are starting to see the destruction plastics cause to the environment, many opt for something more sustainable. Businesses are starting to switch and lessen their environmental footprints through innovations on their products. Even in the beauty industry, lessening the usage of plastics and other sustainable options are starting to become more popular.

Seven ways to lessen plastic in one's daily beauty routine

Safety Razor

Brand Ethics | Zero Waste

Packaging | Minimal recycled cardboard

Price Range | $25


Using a safety razor is more environmentally friendly compared to cartridge razors that use too much plastic. In cartridge, the body which holds the blade is usually made of plastic, as well as its packaging. A safety razor, on the other hand, has a metal or sturdier material that allows its shelf time to be longer.

A safety razor is gentler on the skin as it reduces irritation, shave bumps and ingrown that is common with the cartridge. In safety razors, there is only one blade against the skin. This item is more advisable to people with sensitive skin. Take care of your skin while taking care of the environment, as well as a good deal.

Tooth tabs

Brand Ethics | Cruelty-free, Plastic-free

Packaging | Glass Bottle

Price Range | $30


Tooth tabs are an alternative to toothpaste that comes in tubes made of plastics. After finishing a tube, the packaging would remain in landfills for years, causing huge damage to the environment. The tooth tabs are powdery tablets. Even the packaging is sustainable, for it is made from recycled and reusable plastics.

Some may be skeptical about tooth tabs as a reliable alternative, but it works. Just make sure that the brand of tooth tabs included fluoride in its formula.

Shampoo Bar

Brand Ethics | Cruelty-free, Plastic-free, All natural

Packaging | Cardboard, Paper

Price Range | $15


Shampoo bottles and sachets can easily fill up a landfill because it’s a must in both genders' beauty routine. The sustainable alternative for this is shampoo bars, which is a product that is taking the beauty industry by storm. It is a better alternative because the ingredients used in bars are mostly natural and little to no chemicals used.

The packaging of these bars also does not use any plastics because it would be counterproductive if they did. It is usually packed in paper or cloth.


Brand Ethics | Cruelty-free, Plastic-free, All natural

Packaging | Glass Bottle, Cardboard Tube

Price Range | $14


Even deodorant companies are joining the switch. The typical deodorant roll-on that relies on plastics for its packaging. Now, many opt to use compostable packaging or aluminum tins, where the deodorant paste is rubbed on the armpits.

Bar Soap

Brand Ethics | All natural, fair trade

Packaging | Paper

Price Range | $3-$5 per bar

Shop Dr. Bronner's in-person at most local grocery and convenience stores (i.e. Target)

Bar soap has the same concept as shampoo bars. It is a great alternative for a body wash that comes in plastic packaging. It saves consumers more money because it lasts longer compared to body wash.

Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Brand Ethics | Cruelty-free, Plastic-free

Packaging | Bamboo

Price Range | $18 (single brush) - $104 (full set)


The handle of makeup brushes used to be made in plastic. Now manufacturers use bamboo sticks that are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The switch to bamboos did not compromise the design and quality of the makeup brushes.

Single Eyeshadows

Brand Ethics | Cruelty-free, Plastic-free, Certified natural

Packaging | Aluminum case, refillable

Price Range | $17


Eye shadow pallets caused a huge rave in the beauty industry, but it also caused huge damage to the environment. Every pallet is designed to have different colors in one packaging. The problem is that not all colors are utilized. It is such a waste and detrimental to the environment.

The solution offered is a single pan eyeshadow. Consumers can now buy only the specific colors that they need and would surely use.

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