Inside a Thrifting Expert's Beauty Routine

"I’m Tyler Chanel, the creator behind Thrifts & Tangles. I was born in Chicago and moved to Las Vegas when I was a year old. Growing up in Vegas was really unique because the population is extremely diverse. I appreciate growing up in that environment because I was introduced to different types of people at an early age. This was drastically different from my experience visiting family in Chicago each summer because Chicago is still extremely segregated. With that being said, Chicago has the most amazing culture and amazing history. I love both cities and am so proud to be able to call them both home.


In 2017, I graduated from UNLV with a degree in psychology. While in college I was the president of the Public Relations club, PRSSA, which was a really cool experience. My favorite courses in college always involved race, culture, and inequality. 

A week after graduating from college, I landed a full-time job in insurance. The job is not related to my major, but I really enjoy it. The company is great and I am grateful for its flexibility. I applied for so many jobs the month I was graduating and found this one on my university’s alumni job portal. I also work as a model part-time and as a blogger part-time. In 2018, I discovered the ethical modeling agency, Role Models Management. I submitted my photos and got signed that spring. My agency is amazing and passionate about changing the fashion industry for the better. They represent models with a cause, mine being sustainability.

I use my online platforms to inspire millennial women to give those three topics a chance.

My blog, Thrifts & Tangles, focuses on sustainability, natural hair, and thrifted fashion. I use my online platforms to inspire millennial women to give those three topics a chance. I also share my very messy journey of becoming a more conscious consumer. Funny enough, I actually got signed to my agency thanks to my blog. I also got my insurance job because of my blog.

What was your perception of beauty growing up and what is it now?

Growing up, my idea of beauty was my mom. My mom is a beautiful, unapologetically Black woman. She always made me feel beautiful too. When I was little, she would tell me how pretty my naturally curly hair was and I always had a ton of dolls that looked like me. I also remember dressing up as Esmerelda for Halloween pretty much every year. Representation matters, especially for children! Being a little Black girl, I was able to envision myself in my toys and in certain movie characters. Now, beauty to me is when someone is unafraid to be their most authentic self - embracing all of their quirks.

How did you get into sustainability?

When I was in high school, a Savers Thrift Store opened up down the street from my house. My mom loved thrifting, so she got me into it as well. We would go thrifting together pretty often and I would find really cute clothes. I loved how much money I was saving at the thrift store, so I started buying most of my clothes from there. In college, I watched the documentary The True Cost, which discusses how fast-fashion companies negatively impact people and the planet. That movie is the reason I completely stopped shopping fast-fashion. After quitting fast-fashion, I realized how important it is to be a conscious and sustainable consumer. Now I am trying to implement sustainability into more aspects of my life besides fashion.

Beauty Routine

My morning and nighttime routine is super simple, especially because I have really sensitive skin. I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap for babies as a face wash and Indie Lee’s Daily Skin Nutrition. Lately, I’ve been washing my face with just water in the morning, then I will use the face wash at night.

My makeup routine is also super simple. I usually don’t wear makeup, but when I do, I use Elf’s Mascara (vegan & cruelty-free) and I use Pacifica’s Multi-Mineral BB Cream  (vegan & cruelty-free). I love their BB Cream because it’s natural, lightweight, and leaves my skin with a nice dewy look.

Hair Routine 

My hair routine is not completely zero waste, because it’s hard finding eco-friendly, curl-friendly products. Right now I use Wondercurl’s Detoxifying Clay Cleanser as a shampoo & conditioner. I also use their Get Set Hair Jelly. Their products work really well and their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic. I love supporting them because they are a small company owned by a Black female founder."

-As told to LWB