Inside a Minimalist's Dry Skin Beauty Routine

"Hello! I’m Kate from Sustainable Goodness or SG, as all us Aussies like to shorten everything! I live in the sunny city of Perth, on the West Coast of Australia and work as a Nurse. BUT… my real passion is the environment and trying to live sustainably as possible in a society that is not so sustainable.

I have been living lower waste for a few years now. It all started when I stumbled across a bulk food store in my local area and had this revelation that there was a different way to shop. It’s weird how things often come full circle, as now I am also working part-time at a bulk food store; it’s fun and fulfilling.

What Was Your Perception of Beauty Growing Up?

Growing up, like most gals I was self-conscious about my looks. I thought I had to plaster myself in toxic, crappy makeup to look and feel beautiful. As the years have gone by I have come to realize this is not the case. Things that used to bother me about my looks (my mum totally gave me a complex about my sticky out ears and dark circles under my eyes) I am now learning to accept and embrace. It’s these lil quirks that make us all individual! I am also learning to not care so much about the exterior and put time and effort into working on the interior. That’s where true beauty really radiates from.

It’s these lil quirks that make us all individual! I am also learning to not care so much about the exterior and put time and effort into working on the interior.


Back in the day I really took my skin for granted. I didn’t look after it at all, spent hours in the sun and my bathroom cupboard was overflowing with mainstream, chemical laden, expensive products packaged in plastic. These days my beauty routine is very different. I now take the time to care for my skin and all the products I use in my routine are cruelty free, non-toxic and lower waste.

At night I cleanse my face with Green + Kind’s carrot seed, rose and pink clay bar to remove debris, dirt and who knows what else from my face. As my skin type is on the drier side, I alternate between using the cleansing bar and an organic cotton washcloth/flannel with water to wash my face. I’m currently on the hunt for a new cleanser from an eco-friendly brand to restore balance and moisture to my skin.

When it comes to makeup removal reusable bamboo rounds are a game changer! They feel so soft on my skin. These bamboo rounds have replaced the disposable cotton pads, which btw are full of toxins (that can transfer onto our skin) and packaged in plastic that I used to buy.

Zero Waste Facial Rounds

Brand Ethics | Hand-sewn by women paid a living wage 

Packaging |100% organic cotton flannel

Price Range | $16


I have also really been digging micellar water for removing makeup and an extra cleanse to give my skin a glow. I buy mine in bulk from Zero Store in Fremantle and store the micellar water in a small, repurposed glass bottle. Following that, I apply the Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 to rehydrate my skin. I seal this in with my fav oil- jojoba. Jojoba oil is full of antioxidants and lightweight, it doesn’t clog pores and is suitable for most skin types. I also buy the jojoba in bulk from Zero Store. To preserve it, I keep the oil in an old vitamin dropper bottle that is tinted dark.

The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid

Ingredients| Made without Parabens

or Phthalates

Best For | Dry Skin

Brand Ethics | Vegan and Cruelty-free

Packaging | Glass bottle

Price Range | $6.80 - $12.20


My fav part of my skincare routine is using a rose quartz crystal roller to massage the products in. It also moves facial lymph, stimulates collagen production and improves blood flow, reducing fine lines, plus giving myself a lil TLC. I facial roll night and morning. And about once a week, or when my skin is looking like it needs a little extra loving, I use Salt by Hendrix pink clay mask. It’s exfoliating and detoxifying, leaving my skin feeling amazing and looking glowy.

SALT by Hendrix

Ingredients| Organic and Natural

Best For | Combination, Dry, Normal, Oil

Brand Ethics | Vegan and Cruelty-free

Packaging | Glass container, Plastic Top

Price Range | $21


Morning Routine

Speaking of morning, my skin gets a splash of water when I wake up. I then apply my Hyaluronic Acid. If I am going to spend any time in the sun, I pop on some of Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream SPF to protect my skin from the harsh Aussie sun. I love this day cream as the ingredients are super clean and it doesn’t clog my pores.


Most days I don’t wear makeup. But if I am going out and am feeling in the mood I will curl my lashes, apply some eyeliner and mascara. My eyeliner is from the brand Inika Organic and I use the Goddess Mascara by Eye of Horus. Eye of Horus use ethically and sustainably farmed beeswax so my mascara isn’t vegan but is cruelty-free, and honestly, the best low-tox mascara I’ve come across! I like to keep my lips and face bare.

These products are not only kind to my skin, but kinder to the environment, this is super important to me since living low waste is all about considering your impact on the planet."

- As told to LWB

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