Alex Gamboa Grand, Good Intent, Co-Founder

"I’m from Pasadena, CA and went to college in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University where I was a Screenwriting major and Theology minor. I moved to Portland, OR in 2013 and ended up getting an MBA from Portland State University with a certificate in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and I’m proud to call both Cities of Roses home! 


I’m the co-founder of Good Intent -- an online marketplace for low waste essentials -- and also work as a Program Manager at Portland State University trying to launch a program to help underrepresented entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. When I was studying film and TV in college, I never predicted I’d end up being so passionate about business! I remember saying I never wanted to have a job where I had to wear a suit to work. Luckily I live in Portland where that’s basically not a thing anyway. I’m energized by dynamic, creative environments where I get to work on meaningful projects, and it took me completely by surprise when I realized the power of using business as a force for good.

My path to getting here has been all over the place, working in seasonal positions as a summer camp counselor and ski instructor, as a retail manager, recruiting manager, and doing ad sales promoting local, sustainable businesses. I’ve been so inspired by the incredible community of businesses In Portland that goes above and beyond to contribute positively and I love that I can try to be a part of the solution, both as a consumer and as a business owner.

What was your perception of beauty growing up and what is it now?

I grew up thinking of beauty as being a key part of the package of a “perfect woman,” which was something I was actively striving to be. As an adult, it’s been hard to shake that, but it’s something I’ve actively reflected on. I went through a period after college when I wanted to completely reject what I then thought of as vanity. I wanted to stop worrying about this idea of perfection I knew was futile and redefine what my ideal self would look like, not based on any culturally contrived beauty standards.

What I’ve realized is that your appearance is part of how you show up in the world and serves as an outward expression of yourself, and there’s so much power in being intentional about that. Often when someone stands out as “beautiful,” it’s someone who looks like they take good care of themselves and are confident about who they are. It’s hard not to notice that and for good reason! Now I’m striving to be the best version of myself, which includes taking care of my inner and outer self.

What does sustainability mean to you?

It means thinking about the long term impacts of our decisions and acting according to what benefits the greater good. Prioritizing our environment is core to that concept because maintaining the health of our planet is essential to anything else thriving.

Skincare Routine

I’ve been gradually trying to use fewer skincare products and avoid using soap-based cleansers on my face, and we carry a couple of awesome staples that I love. At night I use Cleansing Grains made with kaolin clay and oats by mixing a teaspoon with a few drops of water. It’s a gentle, balancing cleanser that also has a nice texture to it that helps to remove makeup and get a little exfoliation in. Then I use our Anti-Acne Face Oil as a facial moisturizer. It’s moisturizing without being too heavy and has the healing effects of tea tree oil. I also keep a small jar of coconut oil to slather on my hands, lips, and any scars or rough patches that need some extra healing before bed.

In the morning I rinse my face then apply Moon Milk, which has quickly become a new favorite because it’s a multipurpose product that works as both a mild cleanser and moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that makes my skin look nice and juicy. I let it sit on my skin while I shower. Then I rinse it off, pat dry then mix another squirt with Tinted SPF Moisturizer. Twice a week I exfoliate with a Dry Facial Brush after cleansing that makes my skin so soft. I’ve also been trying to do face masks more often, either one from Herbivore Botanicals or a DIY mask -- one of my favorites is a mix of apple cider vinegar and raw honey.

Makeup Routine

My makeup routine has been even simpler than usual these days since most days of the week no one except my husband (who, of course, says he prefers me makeup-free) sees me. I typically just comb and fill in my brows (that are looking especially wild during this quarantine season) with Lily Lolo’s Eyebrow Duo. Then I swipe on some Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara, which is the best clean mascara I’ve ever tried, and I have tried many. It has a dual sided brush with a shorter side that separates, creates volume, and curls and a longer side that lengthens. I just use the shorter side for every day and both sides when I want a more dramatic look. And then I use a cheek and lip stain like this one from Fat and the Moon. I’ve been using exclusively clean beauty products for the past several years, but I’m still in the process of trading out some of my staples for options in plastic-free packaging.

Hair Routine

My hair routine is one area where I put off making low waste swaps for a while because I was skeptical about the efficacy of low waste products for my difficult to manage curls, but I have been very pleasantly surprised to find that some shampoo and conditioner bars work even better than many tried and true curl products! I generally shampoo every 5-7 days to avoid overdrying my thirsty curls and have been using our Neutral Henna shampoo bar, which is super moisturizing. I use this Conditioner Bar on wet hair after shampooing as well as in-between shampoo days when I want to refresh my curls. It’s deeply moisturizing, perfect for detangling because it has a good slip, and also works really well as a leave-in! A little also goes a long way, so it’s great if you want a little extra weight and hold. I haven’t needed any additional curl styling products since I switched to this conditioner bar! If I ever need some extra nourishment, I supplement with a DIY hair mask."

-As told to LWB

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