6 Simple Ways to Reduce Beauty Waste

It is a known fact that the environment is suffering due to the current lifestyle of its people. Some people are starting to educate others about environmental degradation and ways to lessen the burden on the environment. Many companies and other small businesses are starting to support the cause of a more sustainable lifestyle. Through innovations in the production of the product itself and its packaging, a sustainable tomorrow is possible.

In the beauty industry, most products are disposable after one-time use, and it’s easy to accumulate so much without noticing it. One can stay beautiful without destroying the environment through these easy steps.

1. Reusable Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are one of the products that people dispose of immediately after one-time use. Most women use this every day to clean their faces disregarding its harmful effects on the environment. Logically, these wipes would end up in a landfill, but it would take years for it to breakdown. Beauty brands found an alternative through reusable and washable cleansing pads. Such pads do not simply help the environment, and it removes makeup a lot easier. The materials used are not a mere washcloth; it is a plush towel that can get the job done.

Anyone can buy these makeup wipes in drugstores, malls, and even online. Be mindful of the packaging before buying one, but most wipes are in a reusable pouch.

Zero Waste Facial Rounds

Brand Ethics | Hand-sewn by women

paid a living wage 

Packaging |100% organic cotton flannel

Price Range | $16


2. Shampoo Bars

This product is a new trend that is sweeping online markets by storm. Due to its environmental effects, many customers are supporting it. The shampoo bars are the same with regular shampoos in terms of cleaning and smell. In landfills, shampoo bottles and sachets are prominent. The product is a great way to lessen the consumption of plastic materials. Aside from this, shampoo bars are from natural materials, and it can last longer compared to bottled ones.

Ethique Shampoo Bars

Ingredients |Natural

Brand Ethics | Fair-trade, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Plastic-free

Packaging |Paper

Price Range | $13 - $15


3. Bamboo Toothbrush

As advised by dentists, a toothbrush needs changing after six months. Most toothbrushes have plastic components; after disposal, they stay in the landfills for years. If the entire population disposes of their toothbrushes twice in a year, plastics in landfills would easily pill up. Now, some toothbrushes are made up of bamboo materials. Since sustainable materials make up these products, their disposal is not detrimental to the environment.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Ingredients |Natural

Brand Ethics | Vegan, Plastic-free, Compostable

Packaging |Paper

Price Range | $4.99


4. Period Cups and Underwear

Menstrual products are made from plastics as well, and since they are for one-time use only, they fill the landfills. Now that people are looking for sustainable products for their needs, businesses created period cups and underwear. These products may not be everyone's cup of tea, so there are other options available such as a reusable tampon applicator.

Thinx Period Underwear

Ingredients |Natural

Brand Ethics | Give-Back Program, Ethical + Sustainable Manufacturing, Goal of Zero Waste by 2025

Price Range | $24 - $42


5. Remove cotton pads, balls, and buds

Cotton products are usually used for the application of toner and checking if the dirt on the face came off. However, anyone can apply toner using bare hands. Aside from being free, it saves additional pressure from the environment. For your ears and makeup fixes, you can try reusable swabs.

Final Swab

Materials | Medical-grade silicone tips, BPA Free

Brand Ethics | Sustainable & Reusable

Packaging | Cardboard

Price Range | $14.98 +


6. Shop Brands that have Recycling Programs

Keep in mind that businesses respond to the needs and wants of their customers. Meaning, as a customer, one has a choice which brands to support. If businesses notice that consumers opt for a sustainable business, they may join the quest to save the environment. Here are 8 clean beauty brands that will recycle your empty containers.

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